Thursday, March 7, 2013

More elusive and desired than the Hidden Mickey – the Hidden Electrical Outlet!

I’m home sick today, which is pretty much The Worst, but the blogging continues! Figured I’d choose something simple and informative – charging your phone at the DLR!

(Disclaimer – there are tons of options out there, but this is what has worked for me. Also I didn’t take pictures because I’m new to blogging like this and am an all-around terrible person.)

On my recent solo trip, I knew I’d be using my phone a LOT for pictures, the Lines app (more on that another day!), and texting; since I was by myself I just didn’t want to turn off my phone for long stretches the way I do when I’m with other people. We’re all using our phones more – I know it’s the best camera that I have, and for reals, my Twitter is important to me. What. First thing I did was buy a tiny mophie Juice Pack Reserve – it comes on a little keychain and is cheaper than the other versions. I could just carry it around in my purse and charge my phone during meals or while waiting in line. The downside is that it doesn’t fully recharge your phone, but it gave me about 20-30 percent, which is all I need some days. You can buy bigger and better devices that will bring you back to 100%, but at $35 the mini was what I could afford. I was dumb and didn’t bring two plugs/cords, so it wasn’t often that I was able to get my Reserve up to 100% (I’d charge my phone overnight and plug in the Juice Pack the next morning while I was getting ready – not nearly enough time), but whatever. Live and learn. Next time.
Something else I did was just find an outlet and plug in my phone, haha. I know there are some outlets in the parks (my Aunt Kim found one outside Taste Pilot’s Grill in DCA), but none really stood out to me, and hotel living is more my style. My friend Delane showed me an outlet in a smoking area in the Grand Californian – it’s on the way to the restaurants, outside facing the pool there are some benches, and outlets are located right behind the seats so you can sit and charge. I’m not a smoker, but it’s a spacious area, so anyone that did come to smoke sat on the other bench and I wasn’t at all bothered. It’s a nice quiet area to sit for a while. Calm music, you know. Grand Californian Things.

Another place I charged up (again at the Grand Californian) was at White Water Snacks, one of my VERY favorite places to eat (again, more on that another time)! If you can get the table near the doors (the ones that lead to the outside seating by the pool) there’s an outlet right there in plain view. I got some breakfast (okay, brunch) on my last day and just charged (and Facebook'd) while I ate. What.

Really, the Grand Californian has electrical outlets everywhere, if you’re ballsy enough to just sit down in a chair, plug in and dare anyone to stop you. I’ve never tried, but if you look they’re all up and down the hallways (near the comfy chairs) on the way to and from DCA and Downtown Disney. They have a few in their “business center” area too (with all the payphones) that I DID use…but I don’t really think I was supposed to be there at the time. Oh well. Sorry, Disney.
Something I haven’t tried but is a great (and smart) idea by Disney are the charging lockers on Main Street, USA. They’re in the same facility as the regular lockers – for $2 an hour you can just plug in your phone and come back later. If you’re just charging your phone, you don’t even need to bring your own cord (they have “standard” outlet lockers for other devices)! Yayyy convenience. Will I ever use these? Ehh…it’s hard for me to pay for something like a locker. Seriously, sometimes I've gone cold at night because I refuse to carry a jacket around all day and IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE CALIFORNIA, DAGNABBIT. But really I think I just need to get over it and realize that time is money. Do I want to sit down and do nothing while I wait for my phone to charge, or use that time to maybe eat a meal or experience an attraction? Or get cold at night because I don't want to get a dumb locker? I guess it just depends on how much time/money you have on your visit.
Before my trip I searched for a recent list of tips for charging your phone, but couldn’t find anything “recent” enough for me – a lot of the lists had been started years ago, and with all the new changes to the parks I wanted something more current. Any tips to share about phone charging? Please share!

Gots to keep my phone charged so I can take supercool pictures -- like this series of me riding Splash Mountain by myself.

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